WIOF-LP “Woodstock 104″ is one of Pacifica’s newest affiliate stations. Based in Woodstock, New York, the station is licensed to Birds of a Feather Media, Ltd., and Randi Steele bears the titles of station manager, program director and business manager. After testing its signal in September, the station is now ready for full-time broadcast.

WIOF is the only independent community station serving Woodstock, Kingston and parts of Saugerties. The signal also reaches Red Hook and New Paltz. The station provides Pacifica programs and local programs on local issues, broadcasting remotes from local events including Woodstock Town Board and the weekly Community Drum Circle on the Village Green.

16 thoughts on “About Woodstock 104

  1. stuart smith says:

    Hello -I listen to your Station Occasionally -good alternative Political /Legal issues-content .

    I listen to your Host Joe Barton (top Talk) and Admire his Knowledge of legal Issues – I would like to CONTACT HIM -directly – I HAVE legal issues that are Ensuing (property/probate) . Any reply would be appreciated!!! ~regards -stuart smith


    1. Rachel Marco-Havens says:

      Sorry for the late reply Joan. The only way for that is when a producer uploads it themselves. The station is operating by magic and Felicia does more than anyone should to keep it running.
      The station is not on the web.


  2. Wayne Bowden says:

    I would like to discuss the racism and retaliation that is going on currently at Stewart Air National Guard base in Newburgh NY. I am a service member

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  3. John A Smolenski says:

    Can you please tell me the reading that took place on Sunday December 13th between 11:30am and 12:00 p.m. it was a fascinating story on where we are in America today and I must try to find the entire recording and who it was. Please help thank you John


    1. Rachel Marco-Havens says:

      Oh John. Apologies. This is basically a placeholder site and the comments are not regularly moderated.
      I cannot tell you who it was but that the schedule for sundays could be supportive.

      Hoping you are well and managed to find the info you were seeking.
      I wish this had been noticed sooner. I will make a point to check more regularly!


  4. Joshua Whitmore Reid says:

    Today around 7-8pm I caught a very interesting speaker that was not afraid to speak up about the truth and reality in “layman’s” terms. He spoke of Individual truths. I am not very good with remembering names and I couldn’t find a pen to write down a good contact name or research material (as he referenced many authors) I was hoping I could get a recording somehow of tonight’s broadcast. The information touched me enough to find you all on the web and leave this reply. I’d like to get involved in supporting this station. I’d especially like to take the speaker’s advise on individual truths and also to read up on some of the author’s works he mentioned during this wonderful and very insightful broadcast.


  5. Luke says:

    I am following up about a comment I had left last week. I did not receive any reply from the moderator. I enjoy the informative host that your station broadcasts such as Rick Smith, Thom Hartman, Richard Wolff and Amy Goodman.
    My concern is regarding the Gary Null show. This guy is dangerous. He promotes conspiracies and false claims about COVID, HIV and other blatant lies. Why do you broadcast this conman? He is clearly preying on people’s fears and lack of education. He is a danger to listeners of your station and takes credibility away from the other highly qualified hosts I have named above.


    1. Rachel Marco-Havens says:

      Luke. First, this is a placeholder page on the web so that folks can see the schedule.
      It is not a station page.
      And secondly, your accusations are unfounded. You are invited to spend some time doing an inkling of the research Gary and his team are doing and come back with something productive to share.
      It’s easy to regurgitate “official” narratives and exist on what is being fed to the people on less credible sourced media—but not always wise.

      As well, the station plays what it plays and the people can decide what to follow or not.

      Best to you.


  6. JR says:

    Thanks Rachel, well said! I find value in the information that your station works hard to put out. It is easy for malicious accusation writers to type plagiarizing propaganda unchecked. Like…what’s the point? And here is something my Mother says (I think it is worthy to type here)…”There is no such thing as ‘misinformation’. It is a made-up word. It is just ‘information.’ There can be good information or bad information, and what you decide is valuable or useful information is up to you.”

    Thanks for listening.



    1. Rachel Marco-Havens says:

      Thanks JR. Felicia does a tremendous amount to keep the station up and running. Randi’s vision was a strong one and Felicia gives so much to keep it alive. All from the heart ❤️

      As for people’s dissatisfaction with one view or another, we can only keep bringing diverse perspectives to the airwaves in hopes of inspiring conversation and mind expansion. That’s the point right? 🥳


  7. Luke says:

    Thanks for the reply. Gary Null is a fraud. He makes ridiculous claims such as being able to cure terminal illnesses with diet and exercise, he claims that HIV is not real, that vaccines cause Autism and the list goes on. He is doing this to sell fake and non scientific supplements and to appear like he is a scientist. Anyone can look him up and see for themselves.
    My point is that no actual clinician takes this guy seriously and he has caused harm to several people with a track record that is easily researched by doing a simple google search. A longtime follower/ student of his died last year after refusing to get vaccinated against COVID.
    I have great respect for your radio station that is why I commented that this guy is dangerous and intentionally misleading listeners and has likely already caused harm to some of them.
    Calling out a conman for misleading listeners who might believe his lies is what responsible and well informed individuals do. Think about people who might actually take this lunatic’s advice and end up dead as a result. The AIDS coalition has voiced similar concerns that again are out there for you to read. Not propaganda just facts.


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